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My name is John Suter.  I have been a resident of Fort Bend County, Texas, for nearly 40 years.  The growth this county has experienced has been both fascinating and amazing.  I have had the pleasure of enjoying the development of my family, children, nieces, and nephews, in Fort Bend ISD.  From Little League in First Colony to extra curricular activities of Band, Football, FFA, Choir, and other groups through High School we continue to be a part of the Fabric of Fort Bend.  My deep interest in history and research gives me a foundation now to follow these paths to uncover tidbits of information to share with family, friends, and everyone else.

I am a member of the Association of Professional Genealogists, enjoy the challenge of history research projects, and write for a blog titled The Fabric Of Ancestors, which you may enjoy.  I also maintain a Home Page at ThirdPort.com to provide quick links to News, Weather, Traffic, and email, as well as links to pages for History and Genealogy Resources online.

Contact me with your thoughts and suggestions.  Your interest is greatly appreciated.



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  1. Ann says:

    Mr Suter

    I enjoyed reading about Fort Bend county history on your site. Particularly how you have shown where things used to be and are still underfoot.

    I am a native of Richmond. My father was born in the town of Wharton and my mother was the daughter of Czech immigrants who settled outside of Temple, TX.

    I currently reside in Sugar Land and recently made a Sunday afternoon visit to the Varner-Hogg plantation in West Columbia.

    This peaked my interest in our local “Sugar Bowl” history and I also learned about West Columbia and the part it played in early Texas history. You’d never guess it, driving through West Columbia now.

    Very interesting stuff! I then ran across your site. It fascinates me how the history is still all around us. Also a bit frightening how kids in our area are so oblivious to most of it.

    When my daughter was being taught her Texas history in Middle School, I do not believe anyone was aware of all the history around them; particularly right up the road in Richmond.

    I have been “digging up” things so to speak (mostly just by googling) and found your site very interesting and informative. I have found a renewed interest in my Texas roots! My middle daughter and I like to visit places of interest (mostly art installments) in the Houston area. We call these our “magical mystery tours.” Just checking out some cool things around the city. I am now planning on doing what I will call our “magical history tours.” In hopes of educating my grown kids and my teenager on some of the forgotten history of our area.

    I feel this is the least we can do in remembrance of the early settlers.

    Thanks again for your very well done site.


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