Put Me In Coach!

Fabric7_FB1There is not much to compare to the adrenalin rush of Friday Night Lights on the field. The end of a week of training and practice, the goal for the week. We are going to win this game!

High School football practice on Monday was a dreaded day. We knew we would begin with reviewing film from last Friday’s game. The question was, how long would we actually watch with coach’s critique before his frustration with a less than perfect performance would stop the film abruptly and end with a command for us to hit the practice field. We knew a workout was coming.

Tuesday was another dreaded day. More pain and exhaustion on the practice field. But by now our heads were wrapped around the coming Friday. Wednesday we were humming like a well trained unit. Then comes Thursday. We were in it, dress rehearsal, running plays, focused, anticipating the Friday Night Lights. A strong camaraderie is built among team members along the way.

Fabric7_FB2There are the individual outstanding players on the team that give us memorable moments. But they can’t do it alone, the key is the team. We read about our historical figures and what was recorded as their accomplishments. Do you think Stephen F. Austin, or Isaac Kempner, or Sam Houston worked alone? Not at all. There is always support around us in family and friends to help us achieve our goals.

Fabric7_FB3Fort Bend High Schools are in the midst of the season now with sights set on winning championships. Starting with District and moving beyond to the next level working to be State Champions. You earn a lot of pride with that, and you gain a lot of fellowship on the journey.

Comrades on the field and off, we have these friendships and utilize these lessons through the rest of our lives as we contribute to the fabric of life around us.

Fabric7_FB4One step, one measurement at a time, we work with our team, our friends, our family, to get to the goal and continue adding our story to history.

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